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Romance was never this convenient to handle, a drabble for Daily Prompt

To Kelkyag's prompt for here, my [community profile] dailyprompt prompt "a clone," and here, my OrigFic Bingo card, "Hallucinations/visions."

Paige waved at Mark Faine, although he didn't see her, or at least didn't respond - he never did, but being Mark Faine, he already had a girlfriend and hadn't, as far as Paige could tell, been single for more than a day of their high school career. Which was a pity, 'cause Paige had more than made up for it by being single for their entire high school career, except that one day with Eilan Saffron, and boy had that been a mistake. It would be nice if there were two or three or maybe four Mark Faines. Maybe then she'd have a chance.

She should really get to lunch. She got a little Snickers-commercial when she didn't eat on time, and this stupid Senior-year schedule had her lunch nearly right before she got on the bus. She headed away from where Mark Faine was totes ignoring her, around the corner, stepped away from the punks and sidled sideways around the jocks - no need to upset anyone, everyone had been on edge since the principal quit like that, all of a sudden. The new rules weren't helping things either, and the punks all looked sad and funny without their metal.

She rounded another corner - Marmal High was full of corners, and somehow it seemed like there were more around lunch time - and ran into Mark Faine.

She was feeling fainter than she ought to be. This was just one of the demetaled punks, it had to be, Sid and Nancy T-shirt and an extra hole in the nose. She stepped away. "Sorry, didn't mean to..."

"Hey, no worries." The voice was Mark Faine's. Paige knew that voice like she knew the latest Enhydra Lutris CD.

"Hey." That was Mark Faine's voice again, coming from the other side of her. She was hearing things. She was seeing things. Paige leaned against the wall and tried not to act totally disjoined from reality.

Standing in front of her, however, were three Mark Faines. She had to be losing it.

"Hey, you're kinda cute."

Nope, she was totes gone; she'd already lost all there was to lose.

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