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Giraffe Call Open: A-Z
Today's Giraffe Call Theme is based off the Blogging from A-Z Challenge.

Over the next 2 weeks, I will write one fic to prompts for each letter of the English Alphabet - one prompt per person; a second prompt for donators.

If I receive enough prompts/donations to write a prompt for each letter of the alphabet, I will write two bonus stories to non-English (real or fictional) letter themes.

Leave as many prompts as you wish. Please leave your prompts in the form of:

A is for Apple
C - Cephalopod Creeps.
and so on.

I will list the letters here. As one becomes "full;" i.e., 4 or more prompts, I will cross it out.

If I get a large number of overlapping prompts, I may ask people to re-prompts with new letters.

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
- A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J

I - K

Prompter Count: 23
Extra Prompt count: 1
Donator Count: 6
Total letters to be written: 36/26

Donations go towards summer renovations: still working on the foyer! I want to make a new bench, a storage area, and a slippers-for-guests arrangement. It's an 8x4 space; budget is $300.

If I get two new prompters or one new donator, I will write a setting piece (setting chosen by poll) explaining something about one of my universes.

At $20 in donations, I'll order pizza!

At $25 in donations, I'll finally have enough for the hardwood boards, and find a hardwood store in Ithaca! - REACHED!

At $40 in donations, I will choose 1 non-donater at random to receive an additional microfic as well. - REACHED

At $50, anyone who donated $7.50 or more will have a copy of "Alder by Post" mailed to them if they wish. - REACHED

For every $50 donated, I will do a one-hour livewrite on Etherpad or googledocs during the next month.

At $65, I'll write a third microfic to the prompts of everyone who donated. - REACHED

At $75, I'll buy the accessories for the storage area. And post pictures!

At $80, I will write two extra 500-word continuations - chosen by prompters picked by random number generator.

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A is for Alpine Adventures
B is for Bushy-tailed Beagles
C is for Cruising Cats
D is for Dances Down in that underground school
E is for [Error: letter already used up]
F is for Finding Fun with Friends on Friday
G is for Goggled Goblins
H is for Hieroglyphs and Hippogriffs
I is for Independent elves Irking Irene
J is for Jealousy (eep!)
K is for Kittens! Kittens! Kittens!
L is for Love in the Library
M is for Maurice and Megan Making Music
N is for No, Nope, Negative, and Nada
O is for Onyx-Black
P is for Planners, their Plans, and Precocious Pups
Q is for Quintus, what Queries does Quintus have I wonder...
R is for Royals
S is for Snippets and Slave Schools and Sent-away? (Eep!)
T is for Tigg
U is for Urchins of the street and their Unusual adventures
V is for Vuvuzelas? No? (ducks thrown fruit) How about Visiting 'Verses?
W is for Wylie and Waiting and Work of the home- and house- varieties
X is for X-marks the spot (space accountant and treasure)
Y is for Yoshi in his Youth
Z is for Zizny and the night it somehow ended up babysitting all the kids on the block


<giggles at E>

I think full alphabets shouldn't count for using up (any) letters, because four of them will use up all the prompts, and that's not right.

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