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Identity, a continuation of FaeApoc/Addergoole @kissofjudas
After Persuasion, after Hyphens, after Step-Father, after Old History, after At the Gate, after Fathers.

Orlaith looked at Silas. She didn't miss the tone in his voice, even if it looked as if their son - and the man claiming to be their son's father - had overlooked it.

Silas had not taken easily to jealousy. It did not suit his cy'Linden nature at all; straightening out the terms of their relationship had been a complicated dance that did not always involve only two partners.

Silas wanted to let this one know who was boss.

And it would do him good to have her back him up on that.

She smiled. It wasn't her nice smile, her doctor-face. It was the one she generally smiled when someone was going to pay for something.

"Well, he does have that little tattoo on his left buttcheek, just inside the crack... but I like your method better, darling."

Adder was looking panicked. "I have a tattoo?"

Ora laughed. She'd expected that response, actually. Not many people took the time to look there on themselves - or on their partners. "I left my mark on you, when you were sleeping." She felt a little apologetic about that, but only a very little. "I was feeling possessive that day."

"...ah..." Adder was blushing. "So...?"

"I like Silas' idea. I'll be more sure you're actually who you say you are, that way."

Adder looked between her and her partner, looking more and more like a lost puppy.

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Well Adder, you said you were desperate, right? Right?

I get the feeling that by the time Hunter-Hale gets to Addergoole he'll be as cautious and wary as many pre-apoc fourth year students.

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