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Tasty (Wednesday): Two-ingredient Cake
Last week, we tried a 2-ingredient cake.

Super simple:
Box of Angel Food Cake Mix (one-packet sort, not two-packet sort)
20oz can of Crushed pineapple

Mix, including the juice in the can. Cook at 350 for 25-35 minutes. Enjoy (or frost, but we didn't).

We then tried cooking it with strawberries instead, but the fluid level got weird and we ended up with sort of cake-mush. We shall try again!.

It's tasty (even the strawberry mush version), and without a frosting, it's pretty low on calories and pretty much fat-free.


I'll let you know when we figure out the strawberry version.

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Huh. I wonder if the acidity matters. Or if pineapple is more structural than strawberry.

Neat trick, that!

We're going to try a more measured amount of strawberries and heating them up more first, since they release fluid when heated.

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