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(no subject)
First: The Collar (LJ)

Previous: Princess (LJ)

"Everyone wants to screw a princess, right?"

"...yes, Princess. What is this thing doing to me, Stavanna?"

"It's using you as fuel. Look at me, Lord Daran. That's it. Tell me what you'd do to this naughty Princess."

"You've bypassed naughty, I think." He twitched, but the bonds just tightened. "Princess..."

"Play the game, Lord. What will you do to me?"

"I'll take the horsewhip to you." His voice broke, and he recovered. "I'll tie you to the bed again, and whip you. Whip you until I drew blood. Until you cried."

"And then?"

"Whip you just a little more."

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