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Mini Giraffe Call 2: Transitons
Today's Giraffe Call Theme is Transitions

The Call for Prompts is now CLOSED!

Leave one or many prompts, and I will write (over the next week) at least one microfic (150-500 words) to each prompter (prompts may be combined)

Prompts can be related to one of my extant settings (See my landing page-landing page) or they can be for something completely different.

Prompting is free! But Donations are always welcome.

For each $5 you donate, I will write an additional 500 words to the prompt(s) of your choice.

If I get two new prompters or one new donator, I will write a setting piece (setting chosen by poll) explaining something about the prompts.

Because this is a mini-Call, there will be mini-perks!

* For every $15 donated, one prompter chosen at random will get an extra fic written -
* For every $30 donated, one random prompter will get a 500-word continuation.
* Every-$60 level open for suggestions!!

Incentives will carry over the three mini-calls in January.


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A fun one to come up with prompts for :)

* Tir-na-Cali: Through some mishap someone applies a major body change on the wrong person.
* Fae-Apoc/Addergoole: Chaos time, a clash between crews results in a random swapping of changes. It's only temporary... right?
* Changing schools
* Adjusting to life under the new alien overlords
* Life after the alien overlords leave
* Characters in a role-playing world after a change of rules systems
* Looking for a new career
* No longer a child
* Or no longer an adult
* A shift of genres
* Moving the borderlines
* Watching the city at dawn or dusk
* The Planners - The transitions between Crisis/Surviving/Made-it! and watching for the next crisis...

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