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Golden Egg? A drabble of Science!
"We think we've come up with a problem for the oil shortage."

"You've what?"

"Look at these duck eggs. It took us a bit of finagling to do it, and more than a few changes at the genetic level, but now instead of needing calcium and laying calcium-rich eggs... they take in a variety of supplements and lay plastic eggs. The shells can then be recycled for their plastic, and the egg inside is still perfectly viable. There's just one flaw..."

"There's always a flaw."

"In order to get out of the eggs, the hatchlings needed...

"You made duck Unicorns."

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Duck unicorns! XD I want to draw them...

I was kinda hoping you might :-)

Are the horns on their foreheads, like horse unicorns?

That's what I was picturing,a stubby little horn. Or maybe a second one on their bill, like a rhinoceros?

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thank you so much!

Would duck unicorns be poultry or red meat? :-D

Bwahaha! That's awesome.

Don't (some) birds have an egg tooth or something like that, for just that reason?

I thoguht about that, decided the plastic egg needed something harder

Ba ha ha!

Oh man, mad science, solving the world's problems with bizarre new creatures!

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