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Giraffe Call: Wine and (/or) Roses!

The call for prompts is now CLOSED! Please come back next month for another call!!

I am now taking prompts on the theme of Wine and/or Roses! Leave one or many prompts, and I will write (over the next month) at least one microfic (150-500 words) to each prompter.

Jordan's older sisters had all, when they were young, old enough to be maidens but still pure, gone down to the river. Each of them, in turn, had received the unicorn's bloodly blessing, as did every girl of the village, their village and every hamlet along the Pure River. Their blood blessed the fields, kept the water clean despite the factories upstream, kept the crops coming. Their blood made their bellies rise with unicorn babies; there wasn't a household along the river that didn't have a white-haired child in their midst.

Thus began Down the River (LJ), the first story in Unicorn/Factory series, from a prompt of "Female unicorn, male virgin." See my Landing Page (LJ) for more of my settings.

Prompting is free! But Donations are always welcome.

If you have donated, I will write to every prompt you leave.

In addition, for each $5 you donate, I will write an additional 500 words to the prompt(s) of your choice.

For every linkback I receive, I will post another 50 words on a story (setting poll here and here)

If I get two new prompters or one new donator, I will write a setting piece (setting chosen by poll).

And, of course, donations are always well-received:

At $30 in donations, I will buy T. new boots & myself some seeds to start inside. Reached!

At $40 in donations, I will post an additional 1000-2000-word fic on the subject of the audience's choice.Reached!

At $50, anyone who donated $7.50 or more will have a copy of "Alder by Post" mailed to them if they wishReached!</s>

At $70, I will write at least 2 microfics for everyone, whether or not they donated. Reached!

At $75, we will buy a wheelbarrow for hauling everything around our yard!Reached!

At $100, I will write at least 3 microfics for everyone, whether or not they donated.

At $130, I will record a podcast of an audience-choice story and post it for everyone to read.

At $150, we will upgrade the wheelbarrow to an awesome cart! Also I will release an e-book of all of the fiction written to this call.

If I reach $200, I will hold a mid-month Call on a single setting of the readers' choice. Everyone who tipped will get wordcount-and-a-half

If I reach $210, we'll upgrade the awesome cart to awesome-cart-with-sides and be able to haul EVERYTHING!

For more information on Giraffe Calls, see the landing page.

(Image will be modified when I get home: this is at $80 now!)

Donate below

Art by Inventrix!

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