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Happy Kinkmas: "Virginity/Celibacy:" Rin & Girey
From my card, on the right-most column, 3rd row.

100 words, Rin/Girey, after "In Bed," etc.

Content warnings: none

“Really.” Girey ran his hand down Rin’s side cautiously, trying not to show how piqued his interest was. “No-one? I didn’t think Callanthe women…”

“In Emperors’ reigns, we don’t.” She set her hand atop his, pressing it against her hip. “But I did.”

“Religious vows?” he guessed. She smelled like the road, still, like goats and smoke and saddle oil. She smelled wonderful. A virgin.

“Romantic notions, as a girl, and as a student. Then… as a soldier, it seemed… safer.”

Virginity could be held as a shield, even against the coarsest soldiers.

“And then?”

“And then? There was you.”

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Yes, Girey. Do be careful how you put that in your pipe and smoke it, won't you?

Yay, conversation! (What ulterior motives? <looks innocent>)

In Emperors' reigns, we don't.
Mrrr? Social expectations are different under Emperors than Empresses? Or are there times when the Callanthe government is run some other way ...?

Yes. In Empress's reigns, the son of a son will inherit, and thus their wives are more cloistered. The rest of the society follows.

Short version, head hurts tonight.

I hope you are feeling better soon!

(Sounds like you have worked out at least some of the complicated inheritance scheme, though, and I am curious.)

oh, I've known how the inheritance CAN work for a long time. They're stupidly long-lived, a side-feature of their magic. So the current ruler's heirs are their (opposite gendered children)'s (opposite gendered children)... i.e. the Empress's son's sons... in possibly an order of 1st's 1st, 3rd's 3rd, 6th's 6th...

Stupidly long-lived when they're not "disposable" and dying in droves in wartime, anyway -- too strict a set of limits on who can inherit could mean there's no valid heir even though there's lots of family. Certainly inheritance going to grandchildren first puts children in an odd spot.

Yes, that's part of why they war so much. They haven't developed population controls on their own yet. (There's an essay there, somewhere).

I believe it goes in loops after they get to 15th's 15th.

So if Rin's an emperor's daughter's daughter, why does it matter when or whether she has kids, if it's her and not her kids who'd be in the succession? Or does that matter, too?

If she's going to be Empress, she's going to need grandchildren, more or less.

Eventually, but surely she doesn't need to already have them now? Would an apparent disinclination (or disability) towards having any at all kick her out of line? And presumably the line goes somewhere after a childless empress (or one who outlives all her children/grandchildren)?


I'm getting the feeling her having children is sort of "showing willing;" her cousin having entered the priesthood was effectively taking herself out of succession.

Point! Though that can apparently be undone, too.

It can... it is generally not done, thogh. Elin must know something!

Sure -- usually ditching religious vows costs one points. :)

It sounded like Rin and Elin don't much like each other, so if either of the folks in line before the two of them is looking dubious ...

<waits impatiently for the next installment>

I love this. It's sexy and fits well with the rest of the story that built up to it.

I was amused to learn that goat can be a sexy smell.

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