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Landing Page: Facets of Dusk
The Doors were a rumor, a whisper, something the magi murmured about beyond closed doors. They had never found one - until it turned out that it wasn't the Doors they hadn't been able to find, but the openers.

Now Alexa, the only Opener known in her home reality, works with a team of scientists, explorers, magi, and soldiers to discover where these Doors can take them. And it will be quite a ride!

Best places to start
In the Storm (LJ) [Cole, intro]
Intro (LJ) [Alexa, intro] [Friend/donor perk]
Into the Doorway, an introduction

February Worldbuilding Q30

In the Storm (LJ) [Cole, intro]
Intro (LJ) [Alexa, intro] [Friend/donor perk]

Into the Doorway, an introduction

Through the Door (LJ) [Alexa]

Trouble in Doubles (LJ) [Josie]
Kissing One'sself (LJ) [Cole]

Last in Line (LJ) [Peter]

The uniform (LJ) [Cole]

falling, falling, falling down (LJ) [Xenia]
Still Falling (LJ) [Josie]

Wishing a Merry Christmas (LJ) [Cole]

Wet, Messy, Dirty (LJ) Josie/Peter

Gender Play (LJ) [Alexa/Xenia]
The Stars (after Gender Play)

Underneath (LJ) [Josie]

On the Subway ()

The Sweet Rose of Morning (Did not Xpost) [Cole]

The Beginning (LJ) [Donor Perk] (Cole)

G for the Gate - The Golden Gate

Cloaked - The team lands in a interesting world.

Deep in the Autumn Air



Fitting In (LJ)
Give-me-something-fun-to-write Storylet 4 (LJ)
Wrong Door (LJ)

Back up back up (LJ), a crossover with [personal profile] djinni's Ekwara
Target (LJ), a crossover with Tir na Cali
Through Another Door (Live Journal) There are others who walk between worlds...

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