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Giraffe Call Landing Page
What is a Giraffe Call?
Once a month, on the second Saturday after the first Tuesday of the month, I open up a post calling for prompts on a monthly theme.

Why is it a "Giraffe Call?"
I was saving up for some pretty awesome giraffe-print carpet for the bedroom of Our New House. :-) Thus Giraffe. (I have a lot more renovations to go after the carpet! Currently up is my Foyer.)

What do you do on a Giraffe Call?
I will write at least one microfic (around 250-500 words) for everyone who prompts.

I not only accept but welcome and encourage prompts without donation; the more prompts, the better! It makes a fuller, more exciting Call!

If you do donate, I will write to all of your prompts (up to 5), and, in addition, write 500 MORE words to any story of your choice for every $5 you donate.

But Wait, There's More
Donation incentives vary by month, but the short version is: as the Call reaches total-dollars-donated levels, the entire call gets more things - a longer short story, writing to more prompts by everyone, or to all the prompts, a podcast of a story, even, if I reach my top goal for the call, an e-book.

In addition, there are perks for new donors, new commenters/prompters, and linking back to the call. Check each individual call for their perks.

What can I prompt?
Anything at all, as long as it's somehow related to the theme.

If you want to prompt something related to one of my extant settings, that's cool; if you want to prompt something completely new, that's also cool. Photo prompts, art prompts, are awesome; I'll take auditory prompts too, though I've never tried writing to those.

If I find I really can't work with your prompt (I have trouble with zombies, for instance), I'll ask you to prompt again.

Past Calls
August 2014 (LJ) Animalia
May/June 2014 (LJ) Micro Prompts
January 2014 (LJ) OrigFic Bingo
February 2014 (LJ) Evildoers & Bad Guys
August 2013 (LJ) Identity
June 2013 (LJ) Finish It!
April 2013 (LJ) A-Z
March 2013 (LJ) Swords and Sorcery!
February 2013 (LJ) - Shades and Hues of Love (Summary)
January Mini 3 (LJ) - 7 Deadlies (Summary)
January Mini 2 (LJ) - Transitions (Summary)
January Mini 1 (LJ) - The Weather (Summary)
December 2012 (LJ) - Siblings (Summary)
October 2012 (LJ) - The Norm (Summary)
August 2012 (LJ) - (Fuzzy) Adventures and Quests
July Mini (LJ) - Addergoole Summer Camp (Summary)
June Mini (LJ) - Reiassan (Summary)
May 2012 (LJ) - Origins and Creations (Summary)
April 2012 (LJ) - Celebrations and Special Events (Summary)
(LJ) - xx (Summary)
March 2012 (LJ) - Spring Cleaning (Summary)
January Mini (LJ) - Aunt Family (Summary)
February 2012 LJ - Wine and/or Roses (Summary)
January 2012 (LJ) - In the City ( Summary)
December (DW) - Gifts, Gifts, and the Gifted. (Summary)
November (LJ) - "Family"
October (LJ) - "Spooks, Creeps, Ghosts, and Ghouls"
September (LJ) - "Lost, Abandoned, & Left Behind"
August (LJ) - "Abduction & Rescue"
August Early (LJ) - "Gender, sexuality, & how they go funky"
July (LJ) - no topic

Pre-Giraffe Calls:
January 11 - Steampunk
Dec. 2010 - The Green
November 2010 - Ways and/or Means
Sept. 6-19, 2010 - Beginning with B
August 2-8 2010 - Beginning with A
August 9-15 - Exotic, Erotic, or Exogenous
July 2010 - The Great Outdoors
June 2010 - Roll your Own

Call for Ideas
Prompt Poll (as opposed to a late one)

2011 - Giraffe Carpet Funds!

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