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Giraffe Call Summary!

This is a summary, in total, of the November Giraffe Call. I have left to write the donor stories and one final prompt for [personal profile] lilfluff, but the prompts are done.

This month I received prompts from 17 people, one back-channel, and wrote 21 stories, as well as finishing last month's call's donation-incentive extra story.

I finished the linkback incentive story, although I had a very hard time keeping track of the linkbacks this time around, so in the end I just made it up. :-/

Still pondering themes for coming months!

Addergoole Yr5
Uh-Oh (LJ)
Family ties (LJ)

Addergoole yr8
Some Say Life (LJ)

Addergoole Apocalypse
The Life You Make (LJ)

Addergoole Year 21
Generations (LJ) and
Revelations (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Budding (LJ) - in the Internment Camp
Leaving the City (LJ) - the Linkback Incentive Story - Done!

Talking it to Death (LJ)

The Aunt Family
The Family Kudzu (LJ)
Difficult Relations (LJ)
What to do About Auntie X (LJ)

Thicker Than... (LJ)
The Family that Knots Together (LJ)
Nanovel part Vii (LJ) [not part of the Giraffe Call]

Mother Knows... (LJ)
Encountering Dad (LJ)

Tír na Cali
Brothers and Brotherhood (LJ), continued in:
And Sisterhood (LJ)

Dragons Next Door
Family Planning (LJ) (not part of the Audrey/Juniper/Baby Smith story)
Dwimors (LJ), after the Over the Wall--> Rule Three series
Parent-Teacher Conference (LJ) The follow-up to Rule 2, and the $35 inventive for last month's Giraffe Call

Of Clay and Salt (LJ)
Othel (LJ)

Total from Giraffe Calls to Date

And this month

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