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Landing Page: The Aunt Family

I think my favorite part of this setting is the fact that we really have no idea what's going on. :D ~[personal profile] inventrix

When Evangaline's Aunt Asta dies, Evangaline inherits the house, its mysterious artifacts, and the family mantle of Aunt.

Meanwhile and 4 decades earlier, Asta's Aunt Ruan is dealing with the mess left by another aunt, and struggling against taking on the Aunt title herself.

And in the present, while Evangaline deals with her Aunts' legacy, her niece Beryl struggles with the idea that she will, in time, be the next Aunt.

"The Aunt Family" is contemporary fantasy; Ruan's story is taking on elements of steampunk as well.

Born out of the October, 2011 Giraffe Call

The Aunt Family - A Welcome (LJ)

Best places to start:
Heirlooms and Old Lace (LJ) - Touched up on Patreon
What to do about Auntie X (LJ)
Estate (LJ)

Origins of the family as they are now:
Building the Homes (LJ)
For All Time, a creation parable

Heirlooms and Old Lace (LJ) - Touched up on Patreon
Trash and Treasures (LJ)
Welcome to the Family (LJ)
Accepting the Welcome (LJ) after Welcome to the Family (LJ)
Visiting Aunt Eva (LJ)
In the Attic (LJ)
An Argument of Magic - an argument with the grannies
Family and Cocoa - Eva and Beryl
Visiting an Uncle (LJ) Rosaria, Evangaline
Family Uncle
Still in the Family
The Powers That Be (LJ)

Unexpected Guest (LJ)
In the Cards (LJ)
Older Witches (Eva & Robbie)
How the Family Does Things (LJ)

Midnight, Summer Solstice (LJ)

Chocolate Fudge for the Holidays (LJ)
You'd Better Watch Out (Patreon)
Happy Inter-Universal Women's (Week): Eva and the Tarot (LJ)
Wild Card (LJ)

Eva description (LJ)

Warm Visions and Warm Family (Lj)

Difficult Relations (LJ)
Charming (LJ) to [personal profile] moonwolf's prompt (Hadelai & Beryl)
What to do about Auntie X (LJ)
Cleaning House (LJ)
Kitten Switchen (LJ)
Kitten Negotiations (did not xpost)
Boy Trouble (LJ) [Donor Perk]
Kitten Troubles (LJ)
Auntie Kitty (LJ)
Courting (LJ)
Sister Help (LJ)
B is for Beryl and her Boys
A Locked Chest is Locked for a Reason (LJ)
Even a Locked Chest Must Be Unlocked (LJ)
(the Grannies Story:)
Cats and Grandmas (LJ)
Cat's in the... Attic (LJ)
Family Secrets & Cat Secrets (LJ)
The Cat's Paw (LJ)

Tell me a Story (LJ) (Rosaria, Cady)
Glitter Bomb, in Alder-by-Post Issue One
Princesses, Knights, and the Huntsman (LJ)
The Princess and the Hunstsman (LJ)
Big Bad Witch (LJ)
Frog Pancakes (LJ)
Princesses (LJ)
Heroes (LJ)
Sidekick (LJ) Evangaline & Rosaria
The Þorn-Giants

F for Feisty Friend Felines of the Family
Then and Now
Turn Left Story (AU) (Lj)
sex-canon: Radar

...Had a Great Fall (LJ)
Asta's Journal (Patreon)
Let No Man Set Asunder (Patreon)

Estate (LJ)
Lost Spirits (LJ)
Aetheric Cleansing (LJ)
Read my story "The Wish Machine" (from the Aunt Family 'verse) in this month's EMG-Zine!
Engraved Invitation (LJ), Ruan & Johias
...and Thou (LJ)
Ruan Description (LJ)

Securing One's Own Legacy
Treacherous Sister
Glass and Steel (LJ) Zenobia!
That Damn Cat (LJ)
Bless the Cat (LJ)
Zoology Sparks
Passing the Cat (LJ)
Legacy Cat (LJ)
A Test, A Trial (Patreon)

Others in Eva's Family
At Asta's Funeral (LJ) Estella
Continuation Chosen by Random Numbers - Three Glass Beads, Peacock-Blue (LJ) Lilyah
King(maker) Cake (LJ) to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's prompt (Stone, Grandma Ardella, and Hadelai & Eva's sister Fallon)
Journals of Loss (Patreon) - Rosaria & Willard

Intimately Involved (LJ)
The Strength

The Family Kudzu (LJ)
Sweater Set (LJ), a previously-unexplored branch, to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's prompt
Fated (LJ)
I Am No Aunt (LJ)
The Hazards of Magic (LJ)
Rumors About the Family ()
Vermin Hunter (Patreon)

February Worldbuilding Q2
February Worldbuilding Q10
February Worldbuilding Q17
A rough family tree exists here.

Read demifiction of Aunt Family (LJ), written by dialecticdreamer
Things I find out when writing about my settings... (LJ)
The beginnings of a Cast List, Aunt Family (LJ)

Aunt Ruan Description & Icon (LJ)
The Aunt Family, and Uncles

Ruan icon by [personal profile] meeks

Aunt Evangaline
Aunt Evangaline Art by bootheel

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