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Friday, with goodbyes and fire

Yesterday, we cleaned out the old apartment and turned in our keys. Carpet shampooers are both awesome and scary (there was THAT much dirt in our rug? O_O)

That place is where we buried our Gatsby-cat last summer, so it was harder leaving it than most places. I said goodbye again, and got rather teary. He was a very good kitty. I will miss him forever.


We are pondering a wood stove for House, after fuel-oil sticker shock. The one we want will run us about $2000, but we're thinking of putting in a smaller, cheaper one now, then moving that to the garage next year or the year after when we can afford the one we want. Fire is nice heat when you have oil as back-up.


Tomorrow is my monthly call for prompts. The theme will be abandoned, lost, and left behind.


And this - - is wee and adorable.

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