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Dragons Next Door Landing Page

The ogres next door have moved out, but the new neighbors have a joyriding teen and a new infant whose cries can wake up the neighborhood. Sure, the wee little thing is adorable, but he belches fire when he’s colicky and needs asbestos diapers.

This series of short pieces follows the mostly-human family in their interactions with their magical neighbors.

Best Places to Start
Get Off My Lawn! (LJ Link)
Backpack Gremlins (LJ)

Resetting the Timeline
Beginning - a slightly different take (donor perk)

In chronological order:
Moving Out (LJ Link)
Get Off My Lawn! (LJ Link)
Hatching (LJ Link)
Diapering Dragons (LJ Link)
Visiting the Neighbors (LJ Link)
Arguing (LJ Link)
Princess and Dragon (LJ Link)
Sharing Stories (LJ Link)
Being Polite
Playing (LJ Link)
Fears (LJ)and Loopholes (LJ)
Neighborhood Watch (LJ)

Questions (LJ)
Rule Two (LJ)
Parent-Teacher Conference (LJ
Showing Off (LJ)
Human Town (LJ)
Humanity (LJ)
An Understanding (LJ)
Origins of Smokey Knoll (LJ)

Hostage Situation (LJ Link)
Ketchup (LJ Link)
Salt (LJ)

Over the Wall (LJ Link),
The Black Tower (LJ Link,
The Pumpkin (LJ Link,
Skeletons (LJ)
Rule Three (DW)
Dwimors (LJ)
"Self-Hating" (LJ)

The Annual Sacrifice (LJ)

Badges (LJ) Junie joins the Girl Scouts.

Whispers (Patreon)

Never Try to Steal a Dweomer
Backpack Gremlins (LJ)
Hunting Junie I (LJ)
Hunting Junie II (LJ)
Hunting Junie III (LJ)
Red Covers (LJ)
Bounty (LJ)
Team D (LJ)
Victimization (LJ)
The Rescue of Junie (LJ)

Family Smith
A Meeting and an Education, (Patreon)
Dragons, Next Door or Otherwise (LJ)
The Tinies of Ogre-house (Patreon)
Jin's New Friend
Under Pressure (LJ) [for sale]
Hands-on-Knowledge (LJ)
♪Jin's got a friiiend...♫
Friends Do (LJ) The problems with having a girlfriend when you live in Smokey Knoll...

Then & Now (LJ) Aud & Sage
Rule One (LJ)
The Mommy Cases (LJ Link)
Where Have all the... Zombies gone? (LJ) Aud & Jin having a discussion
Consulting (LJ)
A Very Dragon Xmas (LJ)
Love Meme Answers 6: Jin/Jimmy (LJ)
Love Meme Answers 4: Junie/Jin (LJ)

Guest story by [personal profile] kajones_writing (did not x-post)

Bringing it Home (LJ Link)
Planning Board Woes (LJ)
Home to Pixie Town ()
Exterminator (LJ)
Inter-cultural relations (LJ)
Biting the Foot

Family Planning (LJ), same 'verse, even more different people

Self-Hating Dweomer
Learning and Lies

A Model Student of the Pumpkin (Patreon)
Lessons Learned in School (LJ)
Going to Asthrifel (Patreon)

A discussion on dragon size (LJ Link)
The Black Tower and its Council (LJ)
Magic Mondays: Dragons Next Door and Jin (LJ)
Encyclopedia Draconis: A Survey of Reproduction Methods (LJ)
Encyclopedia Draconis - A Summary of Sentient Hunters of Other Sentient Species in Dragons Next Door (LJ)
Ask the Characters: Audra (LJ)
The Black Tower & Its Council
Magic Mondays: Dragons New Door and Jin (how does Jin do Magic?)
Febcreate Q8
Febcreate Q20
April A-Z Blogging Challenge: D is for Dragons (LJ)
Sex Canon: Jimmy
Gremlins, IRL History (LJ)
Who's next door (LJ) - a discussion of the neighborhood
International Women's Day: Junie (LJ)
Draconic Pronouns (LJ)

[personal profile] meeks'sketch of Diapering Dragons (

[personal profile] meeks'sketch of Over the Wall (

[personal profile] anke's drawing of Aud & Sage

Icon of Baby Smith, Icon of Gremlin by djinni

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