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Patreon Posts!

Okay, so I was playing around with a roleplay with Cal and Cynara decided to build herself a castle. Well, a play castle, this is ~8×8 with a tower; it’s a shed-sized castle. 

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The poll has spoken!

The walls between the worlds are thin in October, especially as Hallowe’en approaches.  It’s easier to step between universes – or to slip and fall down a rabbit-hole you were never expecting.

This month’s theme is Crossovers –  those slips, those falls, those determined steps into another world.

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I mentioned a story about renovations…


The renovations started in June.

They closed on the house in October — Judy had a feeling about the place; Steve thought it had good bones — and lived with the ugly panelling, the wonky ceilings, the strange toilet all winter long.

As soon as the weather was consistently warm, down came the hideous paneling.

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Side Quest 22 and 21

Twenty-Two: Lost and Found

“Why her?” The Diamond Raven shifted so he was standing almost between Raizel and the Left Hand. “Why this stranger on the street?”
“Because she’s not a stranger, is she? She’s the one that everyone’s been muttering about. She’s got you, which is interesting in and of itself. She’s made it through some pretty strange things, and I just saw the two of you put off a deserter, and almost nobody has managed that. He’s been following people around and sticking to their sides like burrs. And yet he wanted you, when he wanted nobody else, and while he was there, something magical answered your question, which I’ve never seen happen before.”

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Twenty-One: Pssst

“I don’t think she really wants the kitten gone,” the Diamond Raven commented, when they were out the gate and on another road.  “And I don’t blame her.”
“It’s pretty cute, isn’t it?”  She looked down at it, and it looked up at her and mewled.  “I bet it’s terrified.  All this being moved around by people bigger than it-”
“Empathizing?” the Diamond Raven chuckled.  “Sounds like your life.  Or, come to think about it, mine.”  He touched the gold lasso around his neck lightly.  “I’m pretty tossed around, too.  And even in the same way.  Can I hold it?”

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Tír na Cali-Flight Rising


They had been meant to be field workers, fodder, perhaps sacrifices to the Goddess if the year was lean.

Their parents didn’t even know each other.  They had been “suggested” to breed by the simple expedient of feeding them the strongest aphrodisiac drugs and then locking them in a small padded room together with nothing else to do.  The farm needed workers, and, in a year like this, sometimes the Goddess needed a couple brought to her side to help them.  Nobody spoke of that, of course, like a pile of other things that nobody spoke of, but it still happened.

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