May 23rd, 2014


A Walk (@korionfray)

So, the writer in my attic, K Orion Fray, sends out a weekly writing inspiration e-mail, which includes a writing prompt.

A prompt from many weeks ago:

Take a character guide, like the one I've attached, and make a character. Don't spend too much time working on details; just get the basics and worry about kinks later. Then take the city you live in, or a city you are familiar with, and drop them into the middle of it. Have them figure out how to deal with it (especially if you've made a character who normally wouldn't be in your city!), walk around, interact with people...just see what you can do. Sometimes, you could be surprised at what you learn!

This story - well, vignette - is in the same world as
A Scene Description and
A Place Description
A Deletion and
A Conversation
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"So Who Are You?" - Blaecleah - yr 27 - An intro of Addergoole

"So who are you?"

Blaecleah had been answering that question all day. Some people said it like an invitation, some people said it like a challenge. Some people said it like he was in their space - like this guy, too tall and too lean and with too white of teeth.

"I'm Blaecleah. Who are you?" It was a novel situation; before now, everyone had known him and he'd known everyone.

Instead of answering, too-tall just grinned. "Hah. I like you." He grabbed Blaecleah's arm - he tried to grab Blaecleah's arm, seemed unsurprised when Blaecleah dodged, and somehow managed to get a hand on him anyway. "Very nice. Creche kid?"

"Yeah, what of it?" Blaechleah blinked up at the guy. The grip was too tight to break with a simple twist; did he need to start a fight?

"You guys are always tougher than the ones of us from outside. Sort of. Tougher and softer at the same time."
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May/June Giraffe Call: Micro Prompts

Doing something different this time!

I'm going to post a series of themes, to which I'll take 3-5 prompts; I'll write a story - a drabble, really, 100-250 words - to each prompter, and then post a new prompt, for five-or-more prompts.

The current prompt is here - Variants
Closed Prompts:

As always, there are tip incentives:

* If I get to $25 in tips, I get take-out (mmm take-out)

* If I get to $50 in tips, I will either:
- write to a second prompt for each tipper
- let each tipper who has not left more than one prompt suggest a new theme for prompts

* If we get to $75 in tips, I will write two extra 500-word continuations - chosen by prompters picked by random number generator.

* At $120, everyone who donated will get an additional (3rd) microfic written to their prompts.

And of course, I will write 100 words of continuation to a story of your choice for every $1 you donate.

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