January 30th, 2014


Edally Academy: Getting Ready (Tairiekie)

"Do you have everything packed?" Tairiekie's mother dropped a handful of dresses on top of Tairiekie's luggage. "I thought you might want something for a formal event; they had a few of those when I was in school."

"Thank you." She folded the dresses carefully into her luggage. It was already almost full to the seams, but one more dress probably wouldn't throw it over the limit, even one as heavy and ornate as this one.

What sort of formals did this school even have?

"And you have all your tools? I brought a spare wrench..."

"Thank you."

"And your books?"

"I have everything." She shoved the satchel closed. "It's almost time."

Edally Academy is coming soon!

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A handful of Kai-Rozen Fic

So a while ago I posted a meme, and I am slowly working my way through answering.

Kai/Rozen: Fake dating, Bodyswap, Sexpollen here

Kai/Rozen: Dark!Fic, Secret Kink, Their first Kiss here. content warning: the dark fic is dark, implied rape or torture preparation

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The Planners: Character List


Advance Notice: February Giraffe Call

This is an Advance Notice. The Call for Prompts will take place next Friday. <3

For February, I am going to do a more standard Giraffe Call on a subject I need practice with.

February's Giraffe Call will remain open from bedtime Friday, February 7th until bedtime (approx 10 p.m. EST) Monday, February 10th. It will remain open one day longer (and open to advance prompts) for donors.

The prompt theme is villains, antagonists, and bad guys.

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