February 24th, 2013


Laziness X4, a continuation of Addergoole for the Giraffe Call (@Rix_Scaedu)

After Laziness as an Art Form. From [personal profile] rix_scaedu's commissioned continuation.

They said the words. If they had a choice, it wasn't a good one.

Then to add insult to insult, their captor - Segenam, she supposed - spit on their faces. Somehow, this dissolved the sticky webs, and left them sitting on the floor, rubbing their eyes.

Then he explained what they'd just agreed to. How they Belonged to him. He gave a couple demonstrations. Roanna only needed one.

"So now what?" She was trying to gain some equilibrium. She wasn't sure, given the situation, that that was possible. But she'd adjusted to everything else so far. She could adjust to this.
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