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Running in the Bear Empire 39: Prices and Paranoia
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Deline didn’t so much freeze as she tried to strip all tells from her body language and expression.  Where’s your loyalty?  That was a good question.  Did she want the answer?
"My loyalty?"  Carrone sneered at the Haloran spy.  "I'm a bounty hunter. My loyalty is to the highest bidder."
"Then I'll pay you more than whoever's paying you right now!  Come on, you know the Haloran government has deep pockets."
He turned to look at Deline, raised an eyebrow, and looked back at the bounty hunter.  She held her breath.
"You can't meet what she's paying me, I assure you.   And I wouldn't want you to."
He turned his back on the woman, who kept shouting.  Deline did not smile.  She held his arm and started walking, hoping he would walk along with her.
You can't match what she's paying me.

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