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Haunted House 21: Assignment
First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.
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She couldn’t put off the other thing forever, so eventually, once she and the house had finished putting her clothes away and she’d changed into something that seemed comfortable and cute - and made her look like a starlet pretending to be Rosie the Riveter - Mélanie went back down to the kitchen table.

She found a pen  - an old ballpoint click pen - and a pad of paper waiting for her. “Thank you,” she told the house, and began writing.

She had been with the slavers for three markets, so she had seen both their holding area and their market pens.  She knew what their feeding schedule was and when they got in new food shipments. She knew when, approximately, they put everyone on lockdown for the night.

read on…

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I like the house :) Does (she?) have a name?

At the very least, she has not been introduced by a name yet to Mélanie. :-D

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