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Drake Pizza and imagess thoughts
We had our Drakeathon Pizza last night! It was feta-and-fresh-tomato pizza and a spicy roast beef sub from Joe's Carryout, and it was delicious!

I am staring at teenycon and thinking the e-book needs at least one sketch. Were there any images that were particularly iconic or memorable from the 'thon writing?

Edited to add: I'm thinking the mini-fic I did for Wyst - the cat-people asleep in their basket. Now to figure out how catty they are.

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That is a fabulous pizza! I am glad we bought you top-of-the-line pizza.

As for images, the most dramatic one is the guy in handcuffs going after a bear-creature with a knife. But that might be hard to draw, with all the motion.

Now, an image of Bloink and Ploink in the caves (or just peeking out at the snow) would be totally cute. And there are references for how to draw them. Some of the image would be lost in the lack of color, but not too much.

The cat-people were insanely popular, and would also be a good choice!

Boink and Ploink are someone else's characters, though.

Yeah, Girey attacking the bear would be great. ;-)

I looked at one of the reference sheets, and she said something about people drawing her characters a bit off, so I assumed that the owner allows them in fan art. You could ask?

Yeah, that would be an excellent bit of art! The whole fighting in handcuffs would look cool.

Wow, yeah. :-) That would be cool... *ponder*

Indeed! From the Poink reference:

"Resubmitted (again): August 1st, 2006 I realized that a bunch of people were drawing Poink with only two stripes on her legs and I was wondering why. I finally got around to checking her reference tonight and I realized that I made a mistake. So that's fixed now. ^^"

The comments also indicate that the artist likes seeing her characters in other people's styles.

Heck, she might do it herself!

I liked Laurel alone on an autumn road, talking to the wind.

Oh, I like that!

It is difficult to draw the wind though...


Art nouveau is lovely.

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