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♪Glee - Recruitment♫
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“All right.”  Rose looked at their list of potential clubs.  “So Shang first.  And then we’re going to have to start fishing around for people who can sing.  Maybe start singing in the hallways?  That might get some attention.”

“Mmm.”  Zdenka wasn’t sure it would get the right attention. “I’ll ask Shang.  Maybe he knows someone else.”

Asking Shang proved to be a bit of a challenge; he didn’t want to be caught alone.  Once, he went so far as to walk right past Zdenka when she had just managed to get him in his pod common room with nobody else around.

After two days, she finally walked up to him in the lunch room.

“Not interested.”  He put up his hands. “I don’t care about the rules of this school, I do not want a freshman girlfriend.”

“Good.  I don’t want a junior boyfriend.  But you can sing.”

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