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Pics from the Fall in hopes of the spring

Photo by my husband, T., taken several months ago in a hike at Finger Lakes National Forest.

The pond was sproinging with these little things; we'd walk a foot and another would hop into the lake with a noise like a rubber-band banjo. T. managed to catch a picture of one.

Nice park. We will go there again when the road clears.

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That's a great photo. Nicely in focus.

I love how vividly green the frog is!

Definitely a welcome sight. We still have complete snow cover, though it has been warmer. We just has so much snow that most of it is still here.

My plan is to post a pic from the spring/summer every few days in hopes of summoning nicer weather.

We have a lot of pictures.

Oh excellent! I like that plan a lot.

If nothing else, it will lift my snowbound spirits.

Yup! Happier green times for happier green thoughts.

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