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Fun Meme yoinked...
...from [personal profile] d_generate_girl:


Give me a character, and I will write (up to) three pieces of sexual headcanon for them.

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Winter likes things orderly, tidy, neat. This causes some to assume that he doesn't have a sex drive.

Winter does like sex. He accepts it as a natural part of life - because life itself is neither tidy nor orderly, but that is part of a grander order. (Winter's brain is an interesting place sometimes). but Winter doesn't necessarily like urgent sex, sex-need, sex-drive. He likes things in their time and place.

(Winter is the most controlled of the four siblings, in most cases).

Winter could be, if he chose to be - and there was a two-year period right after college where he did and was - a very attentive, thorough, and /good/ dom. He likes rules, after all, and he likes order. Sometimes, that's what a sub needs.

His sexuality is much more based on compatibility, personality, and a few particular body parts - eyes, the hollow of the throat, the hollow of the back - than it is gender or sex.

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