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Fun Meme yoinked...
...from [personal profile] d_generate_girl:


Give me a character, and I will write (up to) three pieces of sexual headcanon for them.

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I may already have given sauergeek my best trouble-making idea. <ponders more>




Tia Lian

Robbie, the Aunt Family


Yeah, you do like them difficult.

Robbie may not be a virgin, but he hasn't had a world of experience, either: a couple girls, one a year ahead of him in school, one her older sister, four years older than him.

Robbie likes women that take charge.

He'd never say that. He might not even think it. But he certainly fantasizes about it.

Let's see.

He's a teenaged boy, with a teenaged boy's urges and err, speed, and he's already working on work-arounds for that, ways to keep going longer, ways to make sure his partners are pleased. He's not so much attentive as he is understanding that good performance means repeat performances, and he likes encores.

He does not masturbate while on Eva's property and has a really hard time convincing himself it's okay once he moves into the family guest house. He may ask Beryl or Chalce for a ward against spirits without explaining why.

Re: Robbie, the Aunt Family

Halping! :) Trouble is not supposed to make the writing easier. I think. Most of the time?

Right with Robbie on that discomfort about who or what might be observing him on Family property. There may be privacy protocols he doesn't know -- perhaps someone (Stone?) will take pity and talk to him about that sort of thing?

A ward against spirits won't do any good against, say, Radar.

Re: Robbie, the Aunt Family

Halping!! :-P

I think Radar would actually take pity on the kid. Radar's male, after all.

Oooh. Would Radar just not give him grief, or actually talk to him? That'd be fascinating.


Radar is a cat, or, at least, he's in the body of a tomcat, and he's been in the body of that tomcat for quite a long time.

Something in the back of his mind sometimes rebels at having sex with female cats, but most of the time, if there is not an Aunt or someone with the spark and the family blood around him, these days Radar tends to default to mostly-cat anyway.

When around those people... well, Radar is attracted to the spark, the power that makes an Aunt. Which is a wee bit awkward, being in the body of a cat and all.

I don't really know enough about the last two on your list, sorry!

You really don't have to take my trouble-making seriously. *Especially* when I label it as such.

"The spark" being *only* the power carried by folks in the Aunt Family, or would someone outside the family lines with power from a different source also qualify? ... You said "the spark and family blood", so ... distinct but both necessary?

... and he remembers, sort of, being a non-sentient kitten, but thus far declines to tell us what changed. Hrm!

*grin* so noted. But I got the "easy" ones done.

Distinct but both necessary, yes. Radar is Of the Family and By the Family.

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