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Fun Meme yoinked...
...from [personal profile] d_generate_girl:


Give me a character, and I will write (up to) three pieces of sexual headcanon for them.

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Oof, this is not as easy as it sounds.

Consideration: Agmund Fridmar is a patient and considerate lover. He does not always take his time getting to know the women he beds (and they are always women), but he does take his time once they are alone. Women say a lot of unpleasant things about Agmund as a romantic partner, but rarely if ever about him as a sexual one.

Variety: Agmund really does enjoy variety in his life, and has a hard time staying with any one woman for a length of time. This is a pity, as he enjoys the platonic company of women, and has a hard time balancing that with the romantic company he so often ends up mucking about.

A lyric comes to mind:
And I can't keep a girl, no
'Cause as soon as the sun comes up
I cut 'em all loose and work's my excuse
But the truth is I can't open up

-"I Took A Pill In Ibiza", Mike Posner

Age: Agmund's preference is for women who look and act adult, at least into their late twenties and preferably well into their fifties. He has bedded students with very particular reason, but he likes older women - and if they are actually older than him, even better.

And all of that explains exactly why he never slept with Penny. :)

As far as she was concerned, he wasn't even an option why she was a pupil at Addergoole because he was a teacher. Afterwards, although he hits all her physical buttons, she's just not his cup of tea.

Yesss. You know, I tried to write this not really thinking about any RP or such, but it does work out nicely.

And she won't ask because he might say, "no" and never talk to her again. Well, that's what she's afraid of.

Aww Penny.

Well, it works out for her, though, no?

It does, but some things she's too afraid of losing to risk.

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