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Fun Meme yoinked...
...from [personal profile] d_generate_girl:


Give me a character, and I will write (up to) three pieces of sexual headcanon for them.

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Ruan had a couple "gal pals" with whom she experimented quite a bit during her university years. Her favorite, Mary Helena, liked to tease Ruan for being more than a bit of a power bottom: Ruan would happily submit to whatever Mary Helena wanted to do, but even so, she was always quite certain what she wanted and what Mary Helena should get from her.

When most of her cousins were finding men and getting married/getting pregnant as soon as possible, post-college Ruan had a long-term male lover with whom she absolutely refused to engage in reproductive activities. They had a very entertaining relationship that involved just about everything else, however, including some interesting mechanical toys.

She took a long time to get intimate with Johias, not because she wasn't interested, but because he was very cautious and, she thought, a bit shy. When it turned out that he was simply concerned about her Aunthood and a bit deviant in the bedroom (which also caused him quite some concern), they ended up having sex for the first time in the midst of their workshop...
...which has its fair share of things that can be repurposed for sexual exploits.

Huh, given the time period, I'm surprised at the variety. But then again, I'm often surprised at Victorian-era shenanigans -- and the Aunt Family is anything but ordinary.

I also wonder exactly where the definition of "unmarried maiden" ends, given this snippet of Ruan. That said, we've also seen Willard, who has no small amount of power despite being completely unable to qualify.

Yes. Ruan was immensely discrete about her shenanigans. But they did happen.

And.... "maiden" is not the definition, so much as without a spouse or children.

I'd just re-read it last night looking up Deborah. :)

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