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77 words of Discovery
Discovery Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
I was aiming for exactly 77 words. :-)

Getting two ships close enough to converse, especially warships of very different designs, was not a quick process, and it was based in part on trust.

Captain Titrian & the garishly-dressed foreign captain relied instead on mutual curiosity and a great deal of hand-waving, while their ruler stood at the bow, smiling, accompanied by a nervous-looking attendant.

Titrian didn't blame the attendant. He had been listing the ways this could go wrong; he was up to thirty-seven.

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And still counting...

• Captain Titrian & the
• Titrain didn't blame
> ai? ia?

Where does dropping an elderly foreign ruler in the ocean come on his list?

I think that one is one no-one wants to come up. :)

I'll bite. Why exactly 77 words?

It was the average-words-each-session-to-goal at the time this came up on my rotation :-D

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