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Needed: A City Name (details below)
So, the world that has Scheffenon and Orschëst has, in a nearby country, another city. It's south of Orschëst, I believe, and it's getting the story for "ש is for shemesh, the sun".

Also the nation this place is part of would be great. :-)

ETA: Descathesia, via [personal profile] kelkyag.

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I owe you thinky thoughts on that one, but I don't have any right now. Naming is hard and the next week+ is full of distractions.

Does this need to have common sound or language or ...?

Naming IS hard.

And nope, it doesn't have to sound anything at all like Scheffenon and Orschëst.

See also notes in the DW.

<nod> I do not have linguistic fu like thnidu does.


how boring would life be if we all had the same fu? :-D :-D

I like it!

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