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Haunted House 50: Secrets of the House

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.

Washing the House with Jasper was surprisingly fun. It was also hard work, because the House had years of embedded grime in her shingles. “Did you somehow roll in the mud?” Mélanie found herself accusing the house at one point. “And… in a pine tree?”

The House bumped one set of shutters in her direction.

“I can’t tell if that’s a yes or a no,” Mélanie admitted. “But I need some sort of brush that can get up here under the shutters. Maybe a butter knife, actually. “

Jasper frowned at the scrub brush he was holding. “I could–“

A window opened and a butter knife slid out into Mélanie’s hand.

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Council Meetings

This is a ficlet of Cloverleaf, written to Eseme's prompt to my current "third rail" prompt call. 


Sometimes, Cya seriously regretted having made Cloverleaf a semi-representative government.

Generally, those were council days, when she was sitting at a table with the chosen and voted-in representatives of all three circles.

Being a dictatorship would be so much easier.

She listened carefully to everyone's arguments.  She asked the question she made sure to ask every time:

"Do we need a law for this, or is it a matter of personal choice?"

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Read Me Elsewhere

So I haven’t been all that up on posting things but hello, there’s always fiction of mine scattered all over the web!

On Ko-Fi, free for anyone to read:

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The Trouble With…  a continuation of The Trouble With Chickens and all other stories in The  Feltenner Chickens section of the Science! universe.
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The Origins of… Science!
*Downsizing – Tinies? – this movie wasn’t even good at Tinies.
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Storm Front…  Yesterday was some pretty amazing banding weather.
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On Archive of Our Own – free to read and ongoing.
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On Sufficient Velocity – an interactive Fae Apoc Quest
Rhiannon was not expecting any of this.  But now she’s got to figure out what to do while a bunch of jerks keep attacking her city. 
Oh, and she needs new pants. 

And while I’m having trouble keeping it updated:


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Haunted House 46: Further Plans

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.

“You don’t - you can’t - you would - what would you-”  Mélanie caught herself and focused very carefully on her breathing for several breaths.  “Sir. Jasper.” She looked at him with wide eyes and found that his grin had stuttered into something of a worried expression.  She patted his shoulder, not wanting him upset, and cleared her throat. “I’m sorry you, you, ah, you caught me by surprise. What did you mean - what-”

“Oh, Mélanie, my sweetness.”  Jasper pulled her into a tight hug, rubbing her back until she could breathe again.  “I didn’t meant to upset you, I didn’t. Why does this- what upsets you?”

She peered up at him from the confines of the hug.  “I don’t want you to risk yourself. I was so upset when the  - when those thugs had you, and I, if you got caught, it would be horrid.  I don’t want something like that happening to you!”

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Running in the Bear Empire 42: Home

First: Running in the Bear Empire🐻

“You know, we could probably live here pretty comfortably forever.”  Carrone looked at the door of the cabin and back to Deline before setting his pack on his shoulders.  “I’d get better at hunting eventually.”
“I’m not sure you’d say that in winter.”  Deline smirked at him, although she could guess easily enough what was going on in his head.  They were leaving, which meant they were going to the capital. When they got there, everything could change.

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Hidden Mall 64: Selling for Information

Abby was about to step in front of her friends when she found 'Via stepping in front of her.  "You leave her alone.  We're not selling anything, we're not buying anything, we're not giving anything.  We're just passing through. That's it."

"Oh," the woman clucked, "but I have information.  And I am willing to give it in exchange for something - if you have something you want to sell me."

"That sounds-" Now Olly, too, was in front of her "-a lot like buying something, and we don't want to do that.  Not here."

"And that's wise.  It is always wisest to never take anything that seems like too good a deal at the moment.  So let's see. Well, or too dear a deal, of course.  If you want information-"

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Running in the Bear Empire 43: Trapped

First: Running in the Bear Empire🐻

I did try to kill you.
“It would be nice to not be reminded of that,” Deline muttered.  She held up her hands in his direction. “I suppose it’s hard for you to forget it.”
“The funny thing is, in most situations, it would be easy as anything to forget.  You’d be dead. Your head would have been turned in. The bounty would have been collected, and I would be on to my next job.”  He huffed, almost a laugh. “I didn’t think much about what I was doing - I mean, I thought about the hunt. I learned early on not to think about the deaths.  They come, they go - sometimes they haunted me, but most of them just… they passed on.”

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